The Salamander Foundation's Arts and Culture Program promotes continuity and discovery in the arts and in culture. In this Program, 4 to 6 grants are made per year to projects which:

  • may benefit a broad population base either regionally or nationally
  • may link a significant number of geographically separate individuals
  • provide records of history or natural history
  • often have long timelines
  • are often in Ontario

The Foundation does not currently make grants or donations to organizations for:

  • core support
  • general or operating support
  • general program delivery

The Foundation also does not currently make grants or donations to:

  • individual performing arts organizations

The Foundation's Environment Program seeks to recognize the forms, functions and interactions of natural systems and is primarily concerned with:

Pollution and its implications for human and ecosystem health including

  • environmental contamination: remediation and prevention
  • 'best practices' in resource management
  • management/conservation measures at a watershed, regional or transboundary level

While grants are often made in Ontario, the Foundation also considers: watersheds, airsheds and ecoregions in the larger Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Basins eastward to the Atlantic; transboundary concerns in these watersheds, airsheds and ecoregions; and regional concerns in the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and the Inuit Nunangat, the Inuit homelands.